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Building on 25 years of study and practice, entrepreneur and author Conrad Drapeau developed a simple 7-step system to ensure that, no matter what happened, he would be able to cope with any stress, problem or crisis. In Shatterproof, Drapeau reveals how to easily and quickly enter what he calls “The Shatterproof Zone,” a place of impenetrable calm. In this state, you can be free from stress, chaos and noise and cultivate a quiet confidence that enables you to stay fully present and experience joy, love and happiness, no matter your circumstances. In this space, you can deal with almost any crisis, stress or challenge. Using true stories of conquering stress and crisis, Drapeau shares how you, too, can not only become shatterproof, but shift your thinking during difficult times to maximize personal growth.

About the Author

Conrad Drapeau is a bestselling author and the creator of The Shatterproof Practices, a simple yet life-altering and sustainable program designed to help people manage stress, survive a crisis and build resiliency. This series of exercises and techniques cultivates a focused, disciplined mindset, which in turn, strengthens the body.

A successful entrepreneur who played a significant role in taking an under-funded technology company with no proven products or visible market from zero to $100 million in value in less than five years, Conrad was no stranger to sudden and devastating setbacks. Two years after achieving financial freedom, he lost 80% of his net worth to embezzlement. In 2009, he endured the loss of his wife of 27 years to cancer, just four months after being diagnosed.

Conrad’s life and work experience, along with his study of Eastern and Western philosophies and practices, became the basis for The Shatterproof Practices program. These powerful tools proved to be invaluable during difficult times, especially during his wife’s final days. Through great loss and difficult life experiences, Conrad discovered his true calling—to guide and inspire people caught up in the stress and confusion crisis brings to a place of infinite inner peace and resiliency.

With thought leaders Mark Victor Hansen, Barbara De Angelis and Brendon Burchard, he co-authored the personal development book How Did You Do That! (2009,Yinspire Media).

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